Andrea Sisó — Graphic design w/ Fashion background

“The picture is the imitation and converted reality of the goods, in short, an indirect substitute for reality”
(Herbert Bayer)

Raised in Miami, for the past six years I have been studying and living in London.
Much of my work relates to my personal heritage and the wider context of history more often than not art history. It’s very postmodern in that sense.

My graphic design practice is a composite of colorful, abstract shapes with bold mark-making and naive drawing. It’s always deeply rooted in Modernism. Some of my most significant aesthetic influences are Paul Rand, El Lissitzky, Hurbert Bayer, Matisse’s cut-outs and the drawings of Jean Cocteau. Bauhaus is one of my favorite movements in design history. A trait I admire of the Bauhaus is the practicality they inspire in design. Good design is useful and beautiful.

I have always found myself drawn to projects that have a duality to them.

My favorite things to work on are projects that have some kind of progressive (sustainability, ethics, community building) nature, as well as a playfulness element.I like to work with people who are looking to positively inpact the future.

If you would like to contact me for collaboration or a project please use the email down below.

I am based in London.