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Common Languages

2023 - Present  Language Justice; Visual Identity; Website deisgn.

Interpreting for social change.

Bridging language barriers to building collective power.

Common Languages is a non-profit organisation that provides interpretation and translation services for social justice organisations.  As part of a network of organisations working towards language justice, and Common Languages believes multilingual spaces are essential for social movements to organise across borders and transform society.

As the creative lead at Common Languages Collective I have worked together with the team to create a visual identity, strategic digital visual communication and a website design. Throughout the design we’ve implemented accessibility standards and design justice methodology when working with communities. Please let me or one of the team know if you have any feedback you would like to let us know.

Photo of language justice movement protest; Colin Lloyd, 2021.

The basis of the identity are diffused abstract shapes representing knowledge sharing in a subtle and abstract way. Evoking the idea of a network of interconnected ideas and people working together to exchange knowledge and information. By using diffused imagery, the identity suggests the idea of sharing knowledge without being too literal or overt, allowing it to be adaptable to a range of contexts and applications. The font from the logo is crafted to provide easy readibility.

The Common Languages Collective website features movement, clear typography, playful imagery and color to create a space which is easy to understand and acessible. The splash page references the idea used in the logo around the diffusion of knowledge which is aided by interpretation.

The front page is designed to function as an information hub which accesibly states important information a user might be questioning when hearing about Common Languages.

You can see it here.


The hand drawn design elements of the megaphone and interpreter are used throughout the site and branding to visually identify certain topics which were decided vital to Common Languages. These are a selected set from the growing library of symbols which will be used to help identify areas of interest.

The megaphone symbolizes moments in which we ask for an opinion or a persons voice and the interpreter symbolizes bridging communication through translation/interpreting work.


The color palette of Common Languages Collective uses shades of cirtus and earth tones. These colors allude to the idea of knowledge, collaboration, optimism, and being rooted in ecology. Within color theory bright, vibrant colors like chartruse (yellow green) and the intenser green evoke the idea of growth and learning, while warmer, more muted colors like orange red and browns suggest the idea of collaboration and sharing.

Color scheme 2023.


The stationery design is based on transparency and ease of use. Using a grid system the information is easily accessible coordinated with typographical elements to highlight key infomation. As part of the international Language Justice movement  Common Languages Collective values it’s ability to communicate fiscal responsibility as well as clearly state information on the impact of the work being done.

A letterhead and invoice design.

Common Languages business card.

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