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Culinary Resilience: An Ode to Colombia

2021  Royal College of Art; Varley Award Application, Concept, Research, Community Gathering, Web design & Publishing 

How does a culture foster care in times of turbulence?

Far left: Collage of gold death mask from Pre-Hispanic Colombia with still life of fruit bowl by 
Middle: Pre-Hispanic water jug; Colombia.
Right: Pre-Hispanic seated figure; Colombia.

The basis of Culinary Resilience; And Ode to Colombia is simple. It is cookbook created to embody the Colombian Diaspora found in London.

Collaged out of collection of recipes, stories, and cultural traditions the cookbook would capture the historic essence of Colombia’s cuisine, which is a fusion of indigenous, European, and African influences. Using it as an alternative archive of Colombian history.

Along with the recipes, the cookbook  includes stories and anecdotes from the contributors about the role that food plays in their lives and how they have adapted Colombian dishes to fit the ingredients and cultural norms of their new home in London.

Highlighting the resilience of the community as it faces major displacement changes due to gentrification in the areas where people have settled.

These stories offer insights into the challenges of preserving cultural identity while living in a new country and provide a glimpse into the vibrant and diverse community of Colombians living in London.


As part of the project, an ambition website will be created. Using a map to document Colombian diasporic food establishments and give further context to culinary terms, history, and ingredients.

If you are interested in getting involved with the project or have any questions please get in touch!

Cookbook front and back covers.

A mock up of website.

Blackend clay vessel; Colombia.

Pre-Hispanic Moche woven basket; Colombia.

A. SISó 
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