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 Futurist Bachelor Dinner 
 formula by Aeropoet Marinetti

 Futurist cooking sets out to avoid   the usual pitfalls of eating alone:

  1. The anti-human solitude that fatally drains a part of the stomach’s vital forces.
  2. the heavy silence of meditative though which taints the food and makes it leaden.
  3. The lack of a living,human, fleshy presence, which is indispensable for keeping alive the palate of the man who is confined to the zone of animal flesh.
  4. The inviteable speeding-up of the rhythm of the jaws as they take flaght from boredom.

In a dining room decorated with Aeropaintings and aerosculpture by the Futurists Tato, Benedetto, Dottori and Mino Rosso, on a table whose four legs are made of accordions, some food portraits are presented on jingleing plates bordered with bells:

‘Blonde Food Portrait’
A beautiful piece of sculpted roast veal with two long eyes of garlic in a dishevelment of chopped boiled and small green lettuces. Dangling earrings of little red radishes soaked in honey.

‘Man-Friend Food Portrait’
Well-modelled cheeks of pastry - mustache and hair of chocolate - big eyes of milk and honey with pupils of licorice. A split pomegranate for the mouth. A nice necktie of tripe in broth.

“The life of matter can be embraced only by an orchestral style, at once polychromatic, polyphonic, and polymorphous, by means of the most extensive analogies.”

― Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

No hay placer sin
beber o sin comer.
‘Beautiful Nude Food Portrait’
In a small crestal bowl full of fresh milk, two boiled capon thighs, the whole scattered with violets.

‘Food Portrait of the Enemies’ Seven cubes of Cremona nougat, each one with a little well of vinegar on top and a big bell hanging on one side.

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti,''Futurist Bachelor Dinner'' from The Futurist Cookbook, copyright © 2014 by Penguin Classics.
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